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Life insurance is the last thing we want to think of but we all must ask ourselves if the inevitable happens, how would we be remembered? It doesn’t hurt to check the cost and know your options. Click below to use Trusted Life Advisors free instant quote form.

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Trusted Life Advisors will make life easy by doing the work for you over the phone and computer so you can get back to your life.

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We check and compare rates from the top rated companies so you don’t have to! Request a quote or give us a call so we can have to opportunity to show you your best rates!

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You get an agent! Whether you are requesting information or calling in you will be assigned an agent from the start. Never again will you have to explain your specific situation to multiple agents.

Products For Every Need!

We offer a wide range of products to make sure you are protected. Final Expense, Term, Mortgage, Universal Life, and Annuities are just the beginning of products we offer.

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Its instant and its free! You don’t need to give out all of your information for a quote. We make life simple by providing you the tools to make an informed decision. Pennsylvania Life Health Insurance is what we do best. We make sure you get the best rates on the market because we are not tied to only one company. We cast out across the insurance market so we know we are providing the best rates possible with a top rated insurance company.


  • Protect loved ones
  • Mortgage repayment
  • College funding
  • Pay off debt
  • Marriage
  • New baby
  • Retirement
  • Final expenses
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 Why Get A Health Insurance Quote?

Health insurance is now more complicated than ever with the changes being implemented on each and every one of us. Let our Health Insurance specialists help inform you on options within the insurance marketplace. Pennsylvania Life Health Insurance is what Trusted Life Advisors does best. We strive to make sure each and every client gets the attention they needs to make informed decisions and also understand the products available. It does not hurt to talk to a specialist and we can’t wait to help you!


  • You may have to pay a penalty if you don’t cover yourself
  • You risk financial loss
  • You may be eligible for assistance
  • You may be paying to much currently
  • It does not cost a thing with no sales pressure
  • Protect loved ones
  • More control over finances
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